Colleagues describe Lydia Nibley as a visionary and master collaborator who embodies a combination of big-picture vision, strategic savvy, and commitment to creative excellence.

Lydia is known for being a creative compass, ensuring extraordinary communication, and providing a collaborative environment that supports projects to become fully realized at the highest level.

Lydia brings momentum, inspiration, team building, innovation, and leadership to film, television, and book projects that touch millions of lives.

On The Screen

Lydia has collaborated on film and television projects appearing in theatres and airing on National Geographic, the BBC, PBS, CBC, and elsewhere. She’s been honored to receive the PBS Audience Award, as well as the Clio, Parents’ Choice, and numerous film festival awards.

On The Page

Lydia’s ghostwriting and developmental editing work on seventeen books to date has produced award-winning and New York Times bestselling fiction and nonfiction books.

On The Stage

She has also screened, lectured, taught, or been an artist-in-residence at Harvard University, California State Polytechnic, Chapel Hill North Carolina, Michigan State University, Stephens College, Regis University, the University of Missouri, The Colorado College, and UCLA.