The Inner–tainment

You know you’ve got a story that deserves to be brilliantly told when it grabs you and doesn’t let go.

You know you’ve succeed in telling it well when the energy in the room shifts. There is a sense of connection, laughter, and people are not just moved to tears, they are moved to take action.

Audiences are saturated with entertainment, but they are hungry for experiences that inspire–that’s Inner-tainment.

We all crave meaningful and memorable stories to share with friends and family. We want stories we can be a part of in some way.

For those who are engaged in transforming the world creating these stories is a top priority. We are the stories we tell ourselves, so let’s share the stories that create a new world.

The Vision

At Jane Goodall’s 85th birthday gathering in Los Angeles Lydia asked her what stories she wanted told in support of her global vision for the shifts that are good for human health also being good for animal welfare and the planet. The conversations that followed in that gathering of world-changers created numerous seeds of collaboration. That’s how ideas spread—through stories.

Jane’s own life has been shaped by the stories she read as a child—the series of Doctor Doolittle books that inspired her interest in animal intelligence and stories of the African continent that filled her with wonder. What stories shaped you as a young one?

The stories of our childhood create our world view. The stories we choose to see this week will do the same. Who do we want to be? That will be influenced by what we choose to see.

Do we need another post-apocalyptic story of armageddon and the mad rush to murder and mayhem for the few who remain—as if that’s inevitable? Because if we tell that story often enough, we will make it so.

On the other hand, stories based on a positive vision of what’s possible will reshape the future of humanity and the planet. They will show us how it can be done and inspire us to get it done.

Meaningful stories are the ones creatives love to share because they are worth the effort to tell, and funders love to fund them because they create a lasting legacy.

What’s the story you’re obsessed with sharing?