Now more than ever, audiences want their entertainment choices to matter. And many of those who fund entertainment globally see the value in creating content that generates a positive legacy. Lydia Nibley brings depth to meaningful projects. She also cultivates momentum and innovation among collaborators, producing projects that both perform well and make a difference.


Each film, book, and television project is unique, and when like minds and hearts collaborate there is always reliable magic. This is how these featured projects have unfolded.

The Save

The producers and director of a feature film were a third of the way into production when they agreed that the narrative wasn’t holding together and the characters lacked depth. Although powerfully cinematic, the film needed a deeper plot and richer relationships.

They called in Lydia as a story consultant, and as one producer explained, “When she walked in, we relaxed. It was like watching an elegant Mary Poppins putting the film in proper order—fast.”

Lydia created a solid spine for the story by immersing herself in the world of the film and its characters. She interviewed real people to inspire plot details and generate believable dialogue. She also capitalized on the unique strengths of team members to deliver the final shooting script on deadline. The resulting story created a richer connection with the audience.

The Healing

A polished manuscript had generated a five-figure offer. The book was very well written and the subject was compelling. The author was already a recognized authority with an established following to drive sales and media attention.

But as good as it was, Lydia was clear that the book could be better. There would be greater positive impact if the book and its author reached their full potential.

Lydia encouraged the author to take the risk and dig deeper. Together, they explored ways to enhance the storytelling by adding more personal transformation to the narrative. This immediately triggered the author, who needed to overcome patterns of suppressing her full voice and power.

The healing process that followed generated a book that was deeply personal to the author and resonated profoundly with readers. The selling price was four times the original offer and the book was a critical success and a New York Times bestseller. The project succeeded because Lydia took a stand for fulfilling its highest vision.

The Connection

A well-known Australian actress asked for support to develop a concept for a feature film based on true events in the spirit of the beloved film, Rabbit Proof Fence.

Lydia created the team to get things moving from concept to the first phase of execution in just a few weeks. They worked with the kind of love and connection that would be present in everything that followed.

Rather than diving into library materials and archives first, the team prepared a plan for shooting documentary-style interview and environment footage in the outback of Australia to serve as source material for the theatrical feature. Capturing the details of the landscape, culture, and characters would provide the richest resource to the screenwriter.

The footage would also later be used for the film’s website, so audiences could see the truth of the story. The development team also planned to gather historic photos for the production designer and prepare a dossier of primary source material for producers, the screenwriter, and the director.

The result will be a story woven from a tapestry of historically accurate events into a powerful narrative of love, loss, tragedy and redemption.

The Breakthrough

A renowned spiritual teacher invited Lydia to climb large boulders in a canyon to get to know each other before beginning the ghostwriting process on his new book. His broken English was difficult for her to understand and she didn’t read or speak a word of his native language.

At a precarious moment, he offered his hand to steady her and asked if she was nervous about the hike and the project. Of course she was, so was he, and they had a good laugh about their predicament—a tight deadline, his upcoming world travels, and his lack of interest in the writing process.

He wanted his book to appear as if by magic. One long recorded interview, some rough notes, and a file of his current speeches was all Lydia had to generate content.

Just months later, as she wrote the final chapter, it was clear that key ideas were missing and he was unavailable to fill in the missing details. Lydia envisioned what this teacher wanted to share with readers and wrote intuitively in his voice to create the needed breakthrough.

He loved the entire manuscript—and especially the final chapter.

The Inspiration

A talented writer was caught in a bind of multiple complexities. She had to generate a book proposal for a powerful agent on a very tight deadline and it wasn’t clear what form the book would take—nonfiction, memoir, or a collection of teachings.

Lydia was brought in to help find the book concept among at least two thousand pages that were written sporadically over a number of years when flashes of inspiration hit.

While Lydia arrived with only an overnight bag, she ended up staying for nine days and nights. Together, they worked around the clock, taking short naps in shifts. This rather extreme creative journey generated tremendous inspiration, a sense of adventure, and the vision for not just one, but several books.

The agent said the book proposal was the best he’d seen in thirty years.