A Creative Force For Hire

As an award-winning producer, Lydia Nibley supports creators and their teams in delivering the results funders and distributors want while powerfully impacting audiences and creating legacy. She produces for her company Riding The Tiger Productions and is also known as a creative force for hire.

Lydia’s peers value what they describe as her mix of strategic vision, extraordinary communication, and sound judgment about how to best catalyze a project and inspire greatness in her collaborative partners.

She infuses fresh perspectives and fierce determination into every partnership, elevating projects to places they never would have reached before.

The Business of Story Whispering

Worthy projects require the right form to deliver the story. Sometimes it’s a question of genre or form. Is the story most viable as a screenplay, series, documentary, memoir, or novel? Will it be best expressed as fiction or nonfiction? What shape, length, and tone will enliven it and expand its reach and impact?

As a seasoned storyteller, Lydia listens carefully to the whispers within a story for how it wants to be told, while remaining mindful of its marketability.

While adding depth, dimension, richness, and humanity to a project, Lydia leads stories to their greatest creative, financial, and critical success.

Creative Consulting

Content creators, networks, and agencies hire Lydia to maximize the value and impact of a project.

She has served as a script doctor, ghostwriter, developmental editor, and producing partner at every phase of a project’s life cycle.

From the initial spark of conception through the growth spurts of adolescence to full maturity, Lydia is known for nurturing projects to actualization with what a client described as, “grace, grit, and gravitas.”

The Art And Power Of Story

In addition to creative consulting, Lydia teaches seminars and leads master classes in The Art And Power Of Story several times a year.

To inquire about availability call and email the dates requested.

Lydia has screened, lectured, taught, or been an artist-in-residence at Harvard University, California State Polytechnic, Chapel Hill North Carolina, Michigan State University, Stephens College, Regis University, the University of Missouri, The Colorado College, and UCLA.