The Vision Fully Realized

  • Lydia Nibley is an award-winning producer, director, writer, script doctor, and creative consultant for film, books, and television.
  • She produces for her company RIDING THE TIGER PRODUCTIONS and collaborates with colleagues on their projects.
  • When you need a catalyst to fulfill the highest vision of a creative project, the inspiration to complete it with empowered teamwork, and the strategy to leverage global impact, remember—birds of a feather make projects together.

On The Screen

  • Lydia has collaborated on numerous film and television projects appearing in theatres globally and airing on National Geographic, the BBC, PBS, CBC, and elsewhere.
  • She’s been honored to receive the PBS Audience Award for her documentary TWO SPIRITS, as well as Parents’ Choice, Clio, regional Emmy, and numerous film festival awards for a variety of projects.

On The Page

  • Lydia’s ghostwriting and developmental editing work on twenty-two books to date has produced a number of award-winning and New York Times bestselling fiction and nonfiction books.
  • She is at work on a book titled, “STORY POWER” based on content she shares in speaking engagements and seminars.
  • She’s collecting Lydia’s List—recommended films, books and television that add meaning and inspiration to life.

On The Stage

  • Lydia teaches seminars, runs a global creative mastermind group, and leads master classes about STORY POWER and transformational storytelling.
  • She has screened, lectured, or been an artist-in-residence at Harvard University, California State Polytechnic, Chapel Hill North Carolina, Michigan State University, Stephens College, Regis University, the University of Missouri, The Colorado College, and UCLA and others.
  • She likes to keep her hand in teaching and speaking at least a few times a year to explore new ideas for transformational storytelling.

“Birds of a feather make projects together.”