Creators can get stuck. The gears stop and everything grinds to a halt. How does this happen? The producers and director of a feature film were a third of the way into production when they agreed the narrative wasn’t holding together and the characters lacked depth. Although powerfully cinematic, the film needed a deeper plot and richer relationships. They called Lydia in as a consultant.

One of the producers explained, “When Lydia walked in, we relaxed. It was like watching an elegant Mary Poppins putting the film in proper order—fast.”

A better-story breakthrough is just one conversation away. Lydia worked with the producers to build a solid spine for the story. She interviewed real people to inspire plot details and generate believable dialogue. The resulting film connected more deeply with audiences.

“A better-story breakthrough is just one conversation away.”

Sometimes the problem is not having the complete vision mapped out earlier when it’s conceptual, or in script form. But even during production or post-production a fresh perspective creates an environment for new discoveries.