At Jane Goodall’s 85th birthday gathering in Los Angeles, Lydia asked her what stories she wanted told in support of her global vision.

The conversations that followed in that gathering of world changers created numerous seeds of collaboration. That’s how ideas spread—through stories.

Jane’s own life has been shaped by the stories she read as a child. A series of Doctor Doolittle books inspired her interest in animal intelligence and stories of the African continent filled her with wonder. What stories shaped you as a young one? What draws you now?

The stories of our childhood seeded our world view. The stories we choose to see this week will do the same. Who do we want to be? Our future is created by the stories we tell.

“Our future is created by the stories we tell.”

Try searching for movies using the term “utopian.” Now try “dystopian.” Out of balance? Yep.

Stories based on a positive vision of what’s possible will reshape the future of humanity and the planet. They will show us myriad ways it can be done and inspire us to get it done.

What’s the story you’re obsessed with sharing? What will live on in the hearts and minds of others when you tell it?