Have you noticed that to create something extraordinary you have to be extraordinary? The good news is that when we give our story as a gift to the world, it gives us the gift of transforming us. Here’s how that can work.

A polished manuscript had generated a five-figure offer but it was clear to Lydia that money was being left on the table. The book was very well written and the subject was compelling. The author was already a recognized authority with an established following to drive sales and media attention. But as good as it was, Lydia was clear that the book could be better.

Lydia supported the author to take risks and go deeper. Together they explored ways to enhance the storytelling by adding more personal transformation to the book.

“We make a project and it makes us.”

The book resonated profoundly with readers. The selling price was four times the original offer and the book was a critical success and a New York Times bestseller.

That’s how it works at the deepest level—every time. We make a project and it makes us.