Story Whispering

Story Whispering

Being used by a story takes a willingness to surrender. Listening to a character speak means loosening your grip of the reins to really hear what a real or imagined voice is saying.

How do we add depth, richness, and humanity to a project while supporting its creative, critical, and financial success? Invent something more real than reality. Have the courage to “give a story its head,” letting it do what it knows to do.

“Invent something more real than reality.”

We link up to the story and the connection we feel takes us where we’re both headed. The audience and the team making the story are transported together into the magic of something that was created from nothing.

Now you hold the published book in your hand. You sit in the theater and hear laughter fall where you hoped it would. You remember the inspired journey it took to get there. All that trust and all that love harnessed to tell the tale.