Story Power

Story Power

In the realm of transformational storytelling we plumb the depths of the big questions of humankind. What is at stake? Literally everything, because we are made of stories. Intimate ones. Family ones. Communal ones. Global ones. The stories we absorb and believe shape our reality. They always have and always will.

The zeitgeist has shifted. Endlessly entertaining ourselves with “bread and circuses” distractions is not as attractive to many millions of people as sinking our teeth into the concerns of the day to create and share new myths and generate narratives that suit this time and help shape it.

That there is such a thing as human rights is a powerful story that didn’t exist for eons and now most of the world believes. Slavery exists, but in the dark underbelly not touted in a documentary as the CEO’s path to success. We’ve seen how racism and xenophobia can be countered with new narratives that replace the tired old ones that kept them in place. Gender equality isn’t a protest sign it’s a moral imperative.

“We are what we believe, but what we believe can change.”

But all of this serious intent doesn’t mean didactic or preachy storytelling. A sense of humor is often the best way to dismantle what needs to be taken down and replaced. Storytellers who are built for making a difference tell rip-roaringly good stories. Edge of your seat stories. The more compelling the better.

As you make a story and it makes you, what obstacles do you encounter from your own fearful imagination? What stands in opposition to getting your best work accomplished? What creative ease and fun can arise in harnessing your story powered imagination?

It works for the storyteller and for the story. We are what we believe, but what we believe can change.