It would be nice to believe that when we take the leap of faith to create a project, the way to make it will appear seamlessly and easily, but often what’s needed is surrendering to not knowing and receiving solid support. Stepping into the void while someone has our back can create the most mystical and unprecedented results.

A soul who is free wants to make things. A talented writer had to generate a book proposal for a powerful agent on a very tight deadline and wasn’t clear what form the book should take.

Lydia was called in to consult for a day and so arrived with only an overnight bag, but she ended up staying for nine days and nights. Together, they worked around the clock, having meals brought in and taking short naps in shifts. Lydia supported her in finding the book concept among at least two thousand raw pages of notes and writings.

“A soul who is free wants to make things.”

This rather extreme creative journey generated tremendous inspiration, and the clear vision for not just one, but several books. The agent said the book proposal was the best he’d seen in thirty years.

With Lydia’s help the author now knows what she’s capable of and how to generate the results she wants in the future. Creative teamwork has many manifestations. It’s good to know how deep we can go under pressure so we’re ready when the next opportunity shows up.