If it’s something you’ve never been done before, and you have no idea how to do it there’s nothing to do but dive in. A renowned spiritual teacher invited Lydia to climb large boulders in a canyon to get to know each other before beginning the ghostwriting process for his new book.

His broken English was difficult for her to understand and she didn’t read or speak a word of his native language. At a precarious moment, he offered his hand to steady her (although he wasn’t steady himself) and asked if she was nervous about the project. Of course she was, so was he, and they had a good laugh about their predicament—a tight deadline, his upcoming world travels, and his lack of interest in the writing process.

“Creating something where there was nothing is always soul-satisfying.”

Like so many others focused on world-changing work he didn’t want to be distracted from his calling. He wanted his book to appear as if by magic without having to do a great deal of work to get it done.

Lydia only had one recorded interview with him and a file of his current speeches and some rough notes as source material from which to generate the manuscript.

Just months later, as she wrote the final chapter, it was clear that key ideas were missing and he was unavailable to fill in the details. What now? Lydia had to envision what this teacher wanted to share with readers and generate the missing content by writing intuitively and inventing teachings in his voice hoping she was in alignment with him. You begin where you are, push through the tricky bits, and stop at an interesting place. Creating something where there was nothing is always soul-satisfying.

He loved the entire manuscript—and especially the final chapter. There are many times during the life of a project when courage is required by everyone involved to create the next big leap. It’s always worth it.